91st Founding Anniversary

mc912016 Foundation Anniversary

February 9 – 14, 2016
February 09 – Tuesday  
08:00AM Science Wizard Genyo Lab [High School]
08:00AM DaMath/ Sodoku Seminar Library [High School]
08:00AM-05:00PM Film Showing Rm. 209 & 211 [High School]
09:00AM Patinikan sa Panitikan Rm. 307 [High School]
10:00AM English Wizard Rm. 307 [High School]
01:00PM Gift-Giving (Outreach & EsP) Lobby [High School]
08:00AM-08:00PM Set-up / Stage Play Locsin Hall [College]
 February 10 – Wednesday  
8:00AM-10:00AM Anniversary Mass MC Main Quadrangle
08:00AM Onwards Opening of Science Congress & IP MC Main Rm. 114-115 [Elementary]
10:00AM Onwards Opening of Booths and Exhibits
10:00AM Onwards Opening of Booths and Exhibits MC Main Quadrangle [College]
11:00AM Opening–Research/Photo Gallery Room 201/ 202 [College]
11:00AM Inauguration  Firing Range [College]
11:00AM-01:00PM Mini Concert – MCLB Sunken Garden [Elementary]
01:00PM-02:00PM Groundbreaking MC Main
02:00PM-05:00PM Dangal ng MC Locsin Hall
06:00PM Onwards Pre-Pageant Mr. & MC 2016 MC Main Quadrangle [College]
February 11 – Thursday
08:00AM-12:00NN Bingo MC Main Sunken Garden
08:00AM-12:00NN General Practice MC Main Quadrangle
Entrepreneurship Day (HELE Teachers) MC Main Sunken Garden
Background Booth (AP Young Leader Club) MC Main Elem. Classrooms
Math Trail (Dance Troupe)
Photo Exhibit Contest (SIIT) Rm. 114 & 115
08:00AM-05:00PM Judging of Investigation Project MC Main Quadrangle
Food Sale MC Annex Bldg. – Ground
Videoke MC Annex Bldg. – Field
09:00AM Invitational Quiz Bee MC Annex Bldg. – Rm. 207
Physics Olympics MC Annex Bldg. – Lobby
04:00PM Film Showing “Turo-Turo” MC Annex Bldg.
04:00PM Partners’ Day Locsin Hall
06:00PM Onwards Variety Show MC Main Quadrangle
 February 12 – Friday  
08:00AM-11:00AM Legal Mission/Outreach (MC BSLM) Main Campus
08:00AM-05:00PM Food Sale MC Annex Bldg. – Ground
08:00AM-05:00PM Videoke MC Annex Field – Field
10:00AM Math Master MC Annex – Rm.207
01:00PM X3M Dance Revolution MC Annex – Gym
08:00AM-12:00NN One Stop Shop Locsin Hall
01:00PM-05:00M Seminar Locsin Hall
01:00PM-06:00PM Defense Of The Association (MC ACES)MC Henyo B2B Annual MC GI (MC ACES) Computer Lab A.
05:00PM-8:00PM Clash of Clefs 2 MC Annex Gym
05:00PM Onwards Coronation Night MC Main Quadrangle [Elem.]
 February 13 – Saturday  
06:00PM-09:00PM Coronation Night MC Annex Gym [High School]
 February 14  – Sunday  
06:00PM Onwards Coronation Night MC Main Quadrangle [College]



Booth/ Event Organization Date Venue
Ice Cream Booth/Lipsynch Battle SSC Feb. 10-14Feb. 13, 5pm Quadrangle
Sweet corn Booth/ Tournament-Defense Of The Association ACES Feb. 10-12Feb. 12, 1pm Quadrangle / Computer Lab. A
Graham Ball / Food Booth HSMC Feb. 10-12 HRM Lab
Videoke Booth/ Food Booth JATS Feb. 10-12 Room
Bubble Pop/ Souvenir Shop JCBE Feb. 10-12 Room
Film Viewing JFINEX Feb. 10-12 Room
Miniperya-”Jperya” JPIA Feb. 10-12 Room
Health & Wellness Booth /Arcade Booth PSYCHSOC Feb. 10-12 Room
Target Shooting VOPJ Feb. 10-12 Firing Range
Dedication Booth CSM Feb. 10-12 Stage
Battle of th Bands: MusiClaban MCLB Feb. 12, 6pm Gymnasium-Annex
Acoustic Night MCCF Feb. 13, 4-6pm Locsin Hall
Dessert Dance Battle MCPM Feb. 13, 7pm Quadrangle
Bingo Social/ Human Bingo MCHS Feb. 11 Quadrangle
Poetry Night TCC Feb. 12 Room