A New Light in the Home of MCians

Caption: A new place to call our second home                                              Photo credit: Ms. Karen Marie Ramirez







School is the second home of the students. This is the place where they learn effectively and efficiently through the help of their “second parents”. This is the place where they start to build their dreams and create ways to achieve those. It is where they meet acquaintances and real friends.

One of the most important things in planning to establish a school is the vision of how will it look like and what it could provide to the students. Meycauayan College, a school established on 1925, recognizes this vision and that is why over the past 94 successful years, they have innovated their school facilities, rooms, and offices to be a better institution that can comply with the needs of its students, by providing a better way of learning, interaction, and experience, and also as a requirement of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission On Accreditation, Inc. (PACUCOA). Due to this, five or six years ago, the school administration planned to establish a new building that will be the new home of college MCians.

“Modern, comfortable, and conducive.” This is how the Human Resource Manager, Mr. Abraham Cruz, described the new building of Meycauayan College. They made every possible way to make the dream come true because after more than two years, the new building was finally constructed and become available to everyone. According to Atty. Aristeo R. Cruz, Dean of the College Department, this success is achieved through the continuing effort of the Board of Directors to make changes, improvements, and innovations in the school for the welfare of its students and faculty members. The whole process starting from the planning, blueprints, funding until the actual construction, undergo a very long deliberation. They benchmarked different colleges and universities in order to properly address the facilities, features, and other things that the new building should have. Architect Reuben Jarviña is the one who drew the perspectives of the building. Several architects under his supervision drew the blueprints such as the structural plan, mechanical plan, and electrical plan. These blueprints were accompanied by the Team V Construction, a contractor company owned by Architect Vic Jingco. On the other hand, Architect Oliver Ilustre, as the Project Manager, oversaw the construction.

All in all, the new building has twenty-seven E-Classrooms and twenty-four rooms assigned for offices. The first floor has six classrooms. The second floor has four while the third floor has nine. The fourth floor, where the new library is located, has three discussion rooms that are also used as classrooms. The fifth floor has five teaching rooms including the BioChem, Physics, and Psychology laboratories that are also used for learning. The new building also offers new facilities such as the Auditorium, Function Room, and Exclusive Simulation Room. The Auditorium can be used for lectures, film showings, and small stage plays wherein there will be fixed chairs for the audience. Function Room, on the other hand, will be like small Dr. Jose R. Locsin Multi-Purpose Hall wherein small events will be held there which has the capacity to be occupied by a hundred of people. Lastly, the Simulation Room will be exclusively used by the students and professors of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

The new building also has an elevator which can be used by Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). To promote the security and safety of the students, more than a hundred of CCTVs are installed in the new building. This is just for the start because they are still planning to include and connect the CCTV of the old building (Phase 1), which has around 20 CCTVs, to the new building (Phase 2). The thing that amazes a lot of people even more is the fact that the new building College Library has its own cafe named “Le Brew.” A cafe that offers pasta, pastries and snacks, coffees and non-coffee drinks, milk teas, and fruit teas so affordable that everyone will surely be satisfied.

The goal of the school to establish facilities and rooms that will meet the needs of the students is a big success. This is proven by a fifth-year BS in Accountancy student, Fedric Del Mundo, who has experienced studying at the old building for the past four years of learning and experienced his last academic year in the new building. He said that he prefers the new building more than the old one. “It is very convenient to study in the new building since through the help of the new facilities like the Multimedia Room and Library, we are all able to access more knowledge and information that will surely help us to study harder and be productive in doing our research.” James Reinhard Ople, an alumnus of Meycauayan College Batch 2018-2019, once visited the his former school and said, “I know it may sound superficial but when I saw the new building, I was flustered in awe and the only thing that I can say was, “Sugoi!” because it is truly amazing. Kudos!” Sugoi is a very common Japanese expression that means ‘great’ or ‘wow’, and is used when people are really amazed by something just like how Mr. Ople was amazed when he witnessed the changes in his alma mater.

It is the long-term vision of the Board of Directors to improve our building even more than how we see those today. They are planning to turn the old building College Library into a Criminology Laboratory. They are also planning to renovate the Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism Management to provide better first-hand experience. The old building offices will also be renewed to be used for other purposes.

It is already less than a year since the new building of the school has been opened to everyone but a lot of people can already see how helpful and beneficial it is for both the students and the faculty members. Truly, Meycauayan College continuously proves that they are committed to excellence and dedicated to service because they are exerting a lot of effort to give the best for its students. In return, MCians can surely practice the vision, mission, and philosophy of the school and they can also make sure that they can be well-educated through the help of the new and improved facilities that Meycauayan College offers. This is how bright the new light in the home of MCians can be- electrifying and full of glow, enough and even too much to serve as a way for them to have a bright future.

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September 2023