New Building, New Adventures





Many people consider Meycauayan College as their second home. Indeed, they’ve felt it like a place where they can find family.  Here, they experience lots of wholesome and awesome activities such as the jamming sessions, loud student groups in the hallway, the fun activities and playing at the field and in the gymnasium, watching basketball or volleyball games, are among the special memories that would forever stay in the mind of those who have been part of the beloved school. The Meycauayan College had developed its own culture of truly giving and sharing love and care to the students, faculty, staff and people and stakeholders engaged with it.

The school unceasingly continues to do so its tradition, as it, in the next few weeks to come, will unveil another excellent building facility to provide a better place to study and spend time with students and teachers. As such, the world is evolving and MC did not fail to catch up with the features that the new building have. The facade looks classy in green and with the water fountain at the front certainly attracts a scenery for selfie photos because of the incredible display. With the mission to ensure the safety of the students, they equipped the building with advanced fire alarms and numerous CCTV cameras. The rooms are bigger and better especially the comfort rooms because they have bidets which many people will be happy with. They even have two auditoriums and also laboratories. The best thing about this building is the library. The school wants the students to have more space and resources so they can really focus on their studies. They will have enough computers for the students and teachers to browse the internet for information or to make documents and such. They also have discussion rooms where reading or studying can brainstorm without causing disturbance to those people reading or studying. Another thing to enjoy is the coffee shop where students or teachers can buy drinks and pastries so they can relax while they are in the library. Everything is set and prepared and all that is left to do is for the MCians to invade the new building and make good memories and adventures.

Yes, Meycauayan College really is raising the bar when it comes to providing a state of the art facility for the students and teachers. The school is really something for the students to be proud of. The school is always up for the challenge to give the students a bright future. All of you better watch out because MC always has something up on their sleeve.



James Matthew T. Mora
Alumnews, June 2019


September 2023