The Records Management Office


This service is done by the Records Management Office, an important component of the school system. The office receives files, keeps and prints students’ records and school data with utmost care and strict confidentiality. It follows the school’s policies and the CHED’s regulations. 

The air-conditioned Records Management Office is equipped with computer units and printers. With this technology, the office renders a better service to everyone.

The following are the services provided by the Records Management Office:

  1. Enrolment Assistance and Registration
  2. Issuance of Documents (TOR, add/cancel forms, prospectus, diploma, report of grades, etc.)
  3. Announcement of Examination Schedules
  4. Evaluation of grades and Posting of Dean’s List
  5. Academic Advisement


It is located on the ground floor, north side of the MC New Main Campus.
Local Number: 2105